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porn battle!

This isn’t exactly what Adelle had in mind.

In agreeing to meet with the vice-president of Wolfram and Hart’s Special Projects Team to discuss several long-term engagements, Adelle had expected gin martinis and legalese, had come prepared to play hardball over contractual nuances. She had imagined quick-witted, innuendo-filled negotiations, had rehearsed her lines and practiced her moves.

What she hadn’t expected was to end up bent over Lilah Morgan’s mahogany desk with her skirt bunched up around her waist, with one of the lawyer’s hands pushing down on the back of her neck and the other stroking her none too gently through the dampened lace of her underwear.

Lilah leans forward, and her breasts press softly into Adelle’s back; whispers, breath hot against Adelle’s ear,“I take it you find my terms amenable then, Miss DeWitt?”. Even through the feverish blur of arousal, her voice still holds that mocking, seductive edge that got Adelle into trouble in the first place. “You’re not used to this, are you?” Lilah sneers, sliding her hand from Adelle’s nape to grab a fistful of her hair and tug it sharply, “having a bigger, badder bitch in charge?”, and though Adelle fumbles blindly for a witty retort, the only sound that escapes her lips is a soft groan as Lilah’s nimble fingers push her underwear aside and sink into wet heat.

Lilah dictates a harsh rhythm with her hips and her hand, which Adelle has little choice but to follow. Her fingernails scratch at the rich wood of the desk, desperately seeking something to sink into, and she hears Lilah snicker before the hand in her hair pulls back, hard, and suddenly she’s standing upright and and Lilah’s throaty voice is commanding her not to mess with the lacquer or she’ll get a lashing and Adelle can’t help but to cry out.

Within seconds Lilah’s hand is trapped between Adelle’s body and the sharp lip of the desk, fingertips working in quick, rough strokes over the older woman’s clit. It’s only moments until Adelle comes hard and fast, with a gasp and a “Fuck,” that she doesn’t bother trying to hold back.

As Adelle opens her eyes and wills her breathing to return to normal, she notices that she’s sitting on the floor of Lilah’s office in a rather undignified manner, while the lawyer herself is perched daintily on her desk, legs crossed, lips curled into a mischievous grin. Adelle’s gaze travels up Lilah’s legs, from the Louboutin pumps and slender ankles to the line of lace at the top of her stockings, exposed through the side slit of her skirt. Her eyes travel farther up still, to the partially unbuttoned blouse and the other woman’s face, to the gleam in Lilah’s eyes that says, very plainly, I saw you looking.

Adelle stands up, straightens her clothes somewhat. For a second her eyes dart to the door and she considers going out it, and though the thought of leaving Lilah like this, frustrated and expecting some pleasure returned, pleases her somewhat, the thought of actually returning said pleasure is much more attractive. She steps in front of Lilah, who uncrosses her legs only to wrap them loosely around Adelle’s hips, hands grasping the jacket Adelle’s still wearing to pull her down into a kiss, as their lips meet for the first time that night.


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