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looking glass derived refractions.
cameron looks different from this angle. terminator: tscc; sarah/cameron.
rated r. 200 words (double drabble). this is not fluff.

sarah occasionally wonders what her affair with cameron would look like to an outside observer, if there ever were a witness to what they do together.

she imagines she would come off as the woman married to her purpose who makes poor choices involving a would-be mortal enemy out of pure need. the idiot who screws around with a machine with the emotional range of a goldfish instead of forming healthy relationships with human beings.

cameron looks different when sarah is on top of her, when the subroutines that make her act almost human during sex are engaged. from this angle it could look like they are making love; a fleeting thought that sarah shrugs off as quickly as it came to her.

then there are the nights that sarah drags cameron to the basement, tearing her away from her duties. she keeps her eyes closed those nights; if she sees the words written in blood on the wall she’ll have to stop. cameron will look up at her from between her legs and ask her if anything is wrong; sarah will answer with biting sarcasm that the robot will not understand.

sarah tries not to wonder too much.

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Date: 2008-12-25 11:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 4kennedy.livejournal.com
very nicely done! you captured Sarah perfectly and I really liked what you did, what kind of story you told in a few word =) *applauds*


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